XL Girls Kamille Amora


“I’m really good at doing the splits because of gymnastics, so that really helps me when I’m on the stage and dancing,” said Kamille Amora. Kamille started at The SCORE Group in 2014. It was a launch pad for her career.

“I’m very flexible. I can do a split. When I squat and pop my booty cheeks, guys love that. I get a lot of money put into my G-string when I do that. And they like it when I bend over and jiggle my boobs.

“I hear that with a lot of girls with big boobs, their nipples aren’t sensitive, but mine are. What’s unfortunate is that my nipples stay hard all day. Fortunate for other people but not fortunate for me because I’m walking around with hard nipples all day. But it looks good, I’m sure.”

Kamille also keeps her name out there by attending the real-world adult entertainment conventions that are making a comeback after the pandemic. 

“I am very approachable, but you have to come at me with respect and not corny lines. That’s played out.”

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