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University hottie gets home from class after a hard day driving the boys and her male professors crazy. No wonder, the way she dresses. A plaid miniskirt that’s so short Bella’s ass cleavage is sticking out and a tight, open white shirt. A hot dancer’s version of a schoolgirl uniform. And, of course, the white cotton panties. Bella must be going for a Masters in striptease and cock-teasing. Very commendable.

“How boring to do homework!” Bella says, jumping on her bed and turning on her laptop. “What will be on the internet? Porn!”

Bella logs-on to SCORELAND and watches the monitor with wide eyes. 

“How good it looks as he fucks her! Now I want to touch myself. I want to cum.”

Bella quickly undresses. She fondles her tits and rubs her pink pussy, sticking two fingers in deep and making slapping sounds. Bella speed-spanks her pussy, opening her legs as wide as she can, raising them high in the air. She loves those after-school specials.



Take a trip to hooter heaven. You’ll be in good hands with Jenni Noble. Her heavenly body is exactly what you want…what you need. Breasts. Booty. Bush. You get hands-on with her big boobs and her ass, finger her pussy and get ready to have your shorts blown off by her tender, lovin’ lips and heavy, cock-massaging naturals.

We talked sex with Jenni, a girl who likes to watch and be watched.

SCORELAND: So Jenni, what’s your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed?

Jenni: I enjoy giving head the most.

SCORELAND: How important is dick size to you?

Jenni: Not super-important, except if it’s too big. I’m not a size queen.

SCORELAND: Is tit-fucking a part of your personal life? 

Jenni: Sometimes it is, if my partner enjoys it.

SCORELAND: How do you rate your sex drive from 1 low to 10 high?

Jenni: I’d currently rate it at a 7.

SCORELAND: Which SCORELAND boy-girl scene is your favorite?

Jenni: “Jenni Goes Beyond Naughty” with Tyler Steele was my…



Cleo is surrounded on her couch by a selection of bras. “I’m trying to decide which bra to wear for my next SCORE shoot,” says Cleo, as she prepares to try on each bra and make a decision. How does Cleo put on a bra? You’ll find out. Every busty woman has her own technique.

Cleo first tries on a black and blue number that exposes her nipples through the sheer lace. Once it’s secured, Cleo tests it in her own special way for support and comfort. Then Cleo picks a purple bra, a black lace model, a white one with black dots and a black brassiere that looks very supportive. The last bra is pink and too small. She struggles to hook the front. Helping hands are needed. They finally stuff her tits into the cups. 

Cleo’s bra adjuster releases her breasts from this bra and gets hands-on, rubbing and caressing her jiggling naturals. He pleasures her nipples and squirts a soothing load of white cream on them, then another. After rubbing the lotion into Cleo’s breast-flesh, another dousing of…



Alessandra Miller is heading home when Carlos Rios calls out to her. He can’t let her walk past him without trying to meet her. She turns and asks him what he wants although she already knows. He wants her and she likes that idea. She likes a man to take the lead and be the boss.

The hot Latina invites him to her place where they don’t waste any time. Carlos is all over her like glue and strips her down. He sucks her big, tan-lined hooters and plays with her pussy, warming her up for the big beef bologna.

We doubt there is any guy who could resist the urge to pipe Alessandra’s tits and slip the head of his dick into her waiting mouth if they were in Carlos’ shoes right now. 

When they start fucking, Alessandra really jacks up the heat levels. She loves all positions but says cowgirl is her favorite. Riding him like a pony, Alessandra bounces on Carlos to the point of explosion. After he thoroughly fucks her and finally pile-drives Alessandra, she kneels so he can bust a nut on her…



“I can handle as much sex as any guy can give me,” says Spanish Doll Bridgette. “My favorite position depends on how long and thick my partner’s cock is. I love girls who know how to actually eat pussy.

“My own fetishes are: I love sucking toes and I love big boobs. I like mind-fucking as foreplay; flirting by phone and text, getting and giving. It creates a hot build-up to when we finally get together and fuck.

“When I give a guy a blow job, I like to spit on his cock a great deal. The sloppier I get, the better. Most guys like a messy blow job with lots of spitting. I love to lick guys’ and girls’ assholes.”

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