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And now for a girl who puts the wiggle in her jiggle. The quake in her shake.

Kim Beltran likes to swim and dance to keep in shape. Her main hobbies are travelling and cooking. She likes dating without commitment. 

“It’s difficult for me to find bras that support my breasts comfortably,” Kim said. “A lot of times I don’t wear a bra. When I go out, I usually wear a bra. Never when I am home.”


“The most-exciting time at V-mag is when a lovely and busty newcomer walks through our hallowed hall of hooters to flaunt her body to the world for the first time,” he wrote. “Elle is one of those girls who got the attention of big and little heads when we met her. Especially when we found out how sweet, bubbly and smart she is.”

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Our torrid tit tale at SCORELAND stars topheavy temptress Lana Ivans as “The Cream-Filled Busty Nurse.” With a titillating title like that, you know where this is going and who’s going to get it and where. But the fun is always in getting there, and when it comes to Lana Ivans, it’s a given that she will fill out that nurse’s uniform like she was born to be an angel of mercy. 

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“I’ll bet you’re horny right now,” head nurse Terri Jane says with confidence. 

“I’m so turned on, like a little naughty nurse. Do you like my body, boys? Would you like me to come and examine you? I’d give you a good spanking. I’d be your personal little naughty nurse.” 

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In Holly and Troy Halston’s chat with SCOREtv host Dave, Holly excitedly declared “In fact, there’s never been another dick in my ass besides Troy’s. Carlos’ was the first dick in my ass besides Troy’s!” This statement had a profound impact on Dave. In part three of My Wife Your Meat, Carlos smashes super-MILF Holly’s asshole, an ass that had previously been reserved for her then-husband’s dick. 

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“I feel sexy all of the time,” says Joana Bliss. “I have been called a goddess and that is nice to hear. I like romance and a man with the right attitude towards me, someone who spoils me all the time. 

big tits pics
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