Score Classics Sasha Mystery Women

huge boobs

A five-page pictorial of Sasha was published in November 1992 SCORE, the third issue of the magazine. The playing field was already filled with big-bust titles. What could a new magazine offer? Plenty, obviously, because it’s still going strong in 2022 while everyone else folded one by one.

Sasha was described as “a pale-skinned Russian beauty who strolled into John Graham’s London studio. She charmed us with her girlish innocence yet sassy willingness to strike even the most-revealing poses.” This is the pictorial that was published in that November 1992 issue.

The covergirl of this issue was one of the superstars of the super-sized dancer era, Wendy Whoppers. The issue also featured Lisa Gazombas, a girl with deer-in-the-headlights eyes. She changed her name to Lisa Chest after this edition. Then there was the unusual photo shoot in the California desert not far from Palm Springs with bi-sex cowgirls Deena Duos (before she super-sized her tits), bodybuilder Lacey Legends… More mature porn from Score Classics.

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