Natasha Dulce

Natasha Dulce
Natasha Dulce
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“Most guys who get dances from me love my tits,” Natasha Dulce told SCORE last year when she debuted. Natasha, an exotic dancer from Tampa, Florida, was 20 years-old when she first came to SCORELAND. It would be absurd to even imagine a guy not loving this beauty’s hooters. Imagine her dancing and pole swinging on stage while her tits bounce and shake. “They can’t keep their hands off of them,” Natasha continued. “And on the rare times when the guy isn’t playing with my tits.

I’ll play with them for him, and then he’ll get the hint and start playing with them.” And so over a year has passed since then and now Natasha’s finally back at SCORE, 21 years-old and as sexy as ever, maybe even sexier, in this fresh, horny number, “La Dulce Vida.” Her bedtime lingerie is very old-school men’s mag. Natasha looks smokin’ hot in a brassiere and panty set with black stockings and garter belt. Just the opening shots of Natasha showing her gorgeous bod off before the heat gets…

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