Kenzie Taylor Victoria Voxxx and Spencer Bradley



Title : Lady Boss: New Boss Goss

Description : Two coworkers, Spencer Bradley and Victoria Voxxx, are busy gossiping about their new boss, Kenzie Taylor. They’ve heard GREAT things about her from past employees, who all swear that working under Kenzie has been unlike anything else they’ve experienced.

Spencer and Victoria just can’t WAIT to get to know her better and see what all the hype is about. But later that day, their hopes are dashed as they realize that Kenzie is NOTHING like what they were led to believe. She’s strict, demanding, and overbearing.

And to add fuel to the fire, Kenzie’s been extremely dissatisfied with Spencer and Victoria’s work so far. And if things couldn’t POSSIBLY get any worse, Kenzie overhears Spencer and Victoria complaining about her and confronts them.

Oops! Spencer and Victoria are initially mortified but soon grow surprised when Kenzie reveals that her employees love to work with her not because of her management style, but because of the incredible perks she likes to offer. No hard work should go unpunished, and Kenzie knows how just how hard these two office gossips have been working…

It’s time for Spencer and Victoria to put their fluttering lips to good use and have a playful, energetic threesome with their boss! How’s THAT for some hot office goss?

Actors : Kenzie Taylor, Victoria Voxxx, Spencer Bradley

Categories : Lesbian, Office, Threesome, Ass Eating, Pussy Eating

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