Bimbo Kaya with her huge boobs Scoreland

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We’re deep thinkers at The SCORE Group, always thinking deep thoughts. Mostly about big tits and deep cleavage. As TSG editor Dave sent an issue of Voluptuous Volume 29 Number 2 magazine with Bimbo Kaya’s photo set to the printers, he pondered this deep thought. “We were always told it isn’t nice to call a girl a bimbo, but what if the girl calls herself a bimbo? That’s the case with Bimbo Kaya, a DDD-cup newcomer with a hairy pussy.”

Researching the origin of the word “bimbo,” we discovered its long, complicated history. We won’t bother with that here since anyone can look it up through the miracle of Wikipedia on the internet. Besides, why waste time when Bimbo Kaya’s video and photo set inspire jackin’.

We have to mention that Bimbo Kaya’s clothing in this scene, before she removes them to show off and suck on her big, juicy tits and finger-pop her much-praised bushy pussy, perfectly illustrates the meaning of the word bimbo. 

“I love slutty talk and nipple play,” said… More hot mature sex pics from Scoreland.

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