Ainsley Adams gets fucked

Ainsley Adams gets fucked by a peeping tom watching her dress

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Today, we find out what happens when a man peeps on a woman through her window. The man is James, who’s only 27 years old. The woman is hot MILF divorcee Ainsley Adams, who’s 51. James is supposed to be doing some work around the house, but then he spots Ainsley through the open window. He gets a nice show. Tits. Sexy body. And then Ainsley spots James.

“What’s going on?” she says to him after opening the door. “You were peeking through my window.”

He says he didn’t mean to, and maybe he didn’t, but what man can turn his head when Ainsley’s beautiful body is in full view? So Ainsley has him come in, and before long, he’s doing more than looking. He’s touching, and then she’s touching his cock with her mouth and getting fucked hard. Really hard. James gives Ainsley’s shaved cunt a pounding she won’t soon forget then cums on her face.

“I’m glad you showed up today,” Ainsley tells him. He’s glad, too.

Ainsley told us, “I was a carpool mom. I raised my kids and I worked. But I always had a little bit of an edge. A little bit of a sexy edge. I’ve done what people have asked me to do my whole life. I feel sexy. This makes me feel sexy. This makes me feel good.”

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