Adult Time pornpics

Adult Time pornpics
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Adult Time PornPics of Tiffany Tatum can’t wait when she knows that her man Thomas Stone is coming home. She ready to get fucked by his throbbing dick!


Adult Time pornpics

Adult Time PornPics of Aila Donovan is cleaning when she finds her daughter Emma’s cellphone. She uses it to text Emma’s new girlfriend, Rebecca Vanguard, posing as her daughter to lure Rebecca to the house. A little later, Rebecca arrives and is surprised to see Aila. Aila invites her inside, playing dumb about the text.

Aila tells Rebecca that she’s worried that Rebecca might not be fully committed to her daughter since this is Rebecca’s first lesbian relationship. Aila goes on to explain that she’s worried that this is just a PHASE for Rebecca. She knows there are many bi-curious girls out there who will get with a girl and then decide it’s not for them. She doesn’t want Emma to have her heart broken in such a way.

Rebecca insists that she’s fully committed to Emma. But Aila isn’t convinced, voicing concern that her daughter’s sex life might be lacking while with Rebecca. Rebecca is flustered, in disbelief of Aila getting so personal.

Rebecca claims that their sex life is doing very well. Aila still isn’t convinced, worried about Rebecca’s inexperience, since Rebecca is only in her 20s, and Rebecca asks what she can do to prove her commitment to Emma.

Aila states that she will accept Rebecca dating her daughter…IF Aila and Rebecca have sex! That way Aila sees firsthand that Rebecca can handle being with a woman. Rebecca is shocked but agrees, determined to prove herself.

Aila’s going to find out once and for all if Rebecca’s good enough for her daughter…


Adult Time pornpics

Adult Time PornPics of Sexy mature Sissy is excited by her delivery girl Alyssa Bounty. She invites her to enter the house and to share a romantic and passionate moment on the couch!


Adult Time pornpics

Determined Lesbian Teacher Makes Male Teen Student Impregnate Her

Lillian (Christy Love) is at home on the phone with a fertility clinic. She is upset that they haven’t been able to get her pregnant and that her options are dwindling. The clinic suggests that she considers being impregnated by a trusted man in her life, which outrages her.

‘Y-you… How DARE you?! No, I HAVEN’T ‘considered insemination by any man I know personally’ — I’m a LESBIAN, you homophobic PRICK! FUCK you, I’m done with you AND your SCAM of a clinic…!’ Lillian says angrily. Hanging up the phone in disgust, Lillian collapses, breaking down and sobbing.

Lillian is a teacher, so the next day, she goes into school. Sitting at her desk, wracked with uncertainty about her situation, she finally spots a yearbook and gets an idea. Lillian looks through the yearbook, considering seducing a male faculty member, but the options disgust her. She then decides on seducing a male student, Codey.

Lillian calls Codey. Claiming that there was a problem with the last test he took, she asks him to come to see her the next day. He agrees.


The next day, Codey (Codey Steele) arrives at Lillian’s classroom as per her request. Lillian tells him that, due to an unfortunate glitch, he needs to take the test again.

As they chat, Lillian starts assessing Codey in person, praising him. Codey is flattered but also weirded out, unsure of what is happening. Finally, he sits down at a nearby desk to retake the test.

As he takes the test, Lillian starts seducing Codey, who is surprised.

Lillian comes on even more to Codey, who seems tempted. However, Codey is afraid that having an affair with his teacher will ruin his future.

Lillian insists that she’s not looking for a relationship — she just wants him to get her pregnant.

Codey is shocked and tries to deny Lillian, not wanting to be a father. Lillian assures him he won’t have any further involvement — she WANTS to be a single mom.

Codey still hesitates and is about to leave but Lillian, desperate, threatens to ruin his future by sabotaging his chances of getting into college. Codey finally reluctantly agrees to impregnate Lillian.

Lillian will go to any lengths to get what she wants…


Adult Time pornpics

Adult Time PornPics of Draven Navarro thought his wife Vanessa Vega would not be back in town till later that afternoon so he figured he would have one last gay romp with his lover Joel Someone. Little did Draven know she took an earlier flight and arrived home to catch her husband with a cock in his mouth. Contrary to upsetting Vanessa, it made her sexual juices boil and she jumped right in to share the cock with her husband and loved watching both men fuck each other in the ass. Now THIS is a treat worth coming home early for.

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