Adult Time Nathan Bronson Mona Azar and Gizelle Blanco



Title : A Time For Experimenting

Description : Nancy (Mona Azar) is helping her stepson, Trevor (Nathan Bronson), move into a house for college when they are cheerfully greeted by sweet Sophie (Gizelle Blanco), one of his new roommates. As the three of them chat and get to know each other, it’s revealed that Sophie comes from a small town, is somewhat innocent, and is single.

Her naivety is further revealed when she awkwardly reacts to Nancy being bisexual, after which Sophie excuses herself for a moment. But as Sophie leaves, both Nancy and Trevor watch after her, clearly checking her out. Exchanging sly grins, the devious duo muse that Sophie is quite the catch, and silently set a plan in motion to seduce her… TOGETHER. It’s time for this sheltered small-town college girl to expand her horizons.

Actors : Nathan Bronson, Mona Azar, Gizelle Blanco

Categories : College, Curvy, Family Roleplay, Threesome

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