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50 plus milfs

“After I split with my ex-husband. I went through the typical phase that all divorcees go through when they’re horny as hell,” 57-year-old divorcee and mom Tahnee Taylor said. “I wanted to try porn and see if I would enjoy it.”

So, as you can tell, Tahnee went through a typical phase but didn’t do the typical thing. Most women don’t run off and have sex with porn studs who are young enough to be their sons. 

50 plus milf

In a scene shot mostly (but not entirely) from your point of view, 56-year-old divorcee and mom Andi James gets her big, beautiful tits felt up before she sucks dick and gets her hairy pussy fucked every which way. The lucky dude, who might as well be you because we never see his face (just the way a lot of you like it), shoots his load all over her rack.

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Andi James wants to know if the top she’s wearing is a little too sheer.

Too sheer? We’ve never heard of such a thing, especially when the top is being worn by a beautiful 56-year-old MILF with big tits.

Too sheer? Preposterous. But just in case it is, Andi has a solution: She takes it off. Then she takes off the rest of her clothes and plays with her pussy. Andi is a redhead, and the carpet matches the drapes.

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In a scene shot mostly (but not entirely) from your point of view, 50-year-old wife Nowell Mynx sucks cock and fucks and really gets into it. The guy obviously got into it. He shoots his load all over Nowell’s pretty face.

Nowell told us her porn idol is SCORE Girl Angela White. She lives in Colorado, has very firm B-cup tits and rarely wears panties.

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“Yes, I am a swinger,” said Nowell Mynx, a 50-year-old wife from Colorado. “My husband introduced me to the swinging lifestyle nine years ago. Our wildest experience happened when we were at a local swingers hangout recently. I was able to do a seven-guy gang bang and an 11-guy blow bang with quite the facials! Some of the men were impressed with my ability to take such large cocks and deep-throat.”

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