18 Eighteen Cassidy

18 eighteen

18 eighteen

Want to know a secret about Cassidy?
She has a really tight pussy! Now most of our girls are tight, but Cassidy is vice tight. She told us about it beforehand, but it wasn’t until we saw her struggle to get two fingers in her pussy that we realized she wasn’t exaggerating. “I’m not a virgin, but I haven’t had that much sex. And there was a lot of lube involved during those times I did have sex. So far I’ve been with average-sized guys. I don’t know how I’ll ever take on a huge cock.”

Is taking on a huge cock something that you want to try?
“Well, I am curious. Girls always make a big deal about how great big dicks are. I want to see for myself. I’d also like to master the art of deep throating a big dick because I think it’s hot. I think my mouth would probably be able to handle a big one before my pussy could. I have a pretty huge, life-like dildo that I play with for practice. I can barely get it past my pussy lips even when I’m super turned on, but if I suck it I can get it to touch my tonsils.”

So what was it like when you lost your virginity?
“It was a long, slow process, but luckily the guy was really patient. He ate me out and fingered me till I came twice before trying to stick his dick in. When he finally pressed his head up against my pussy, he made sure to go in really slow. It took him probably like, 10 or 15 minutes just to get his dick inside of me all the way. It really turned me on, and I was able to cum again.

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